Owner Operator FAQ

Q What areas does Whitewood Transport operate in?

A Whitewood Transport operates in the contiguous United States, Alaska, and most provinces of Canada.

Q Do you have forced dispatch?

A Absolutely not. Our Owner Operators can choose their loads as well as their availability to work without penalty.

Q What type of freight does Whitewood haul?

A General commodities, oversize, and overweight, specializing in machinery of all types.

Q How many miles would I expect weekly?

A Depending on the equipment you pull, our fleet averages approximately 2,500 miles per week. This includes multi-axle lowboys, flatbeds and stepdecks.

Q What if my truck is disabled?

A Repairs and replacements are your responsibility as an independent contractor.

Q Do you have a wheelbase restriction?

A No, but we do approve all acts of consideration prior to leasing your equipment.

Q Do you have an age restriction?

A Within State and Federal regulations.

Q How often can I get home?

A Some operators work locally. Our long haul operators are typically out no more than three weeks at a time. This decision is left primarily up to you, though we typically wouldn’t want to see you out for three weeks.

Q How much tarping will there be?

A Little to none. With an emphasis in machinery we do not move many commodities like building materials.

Q Do you have any local, dedicated, or regional work?

A Not typically. However, we have considerable local work associated with our lowboys.