Carrier FAQ

Q What are your terms of payment?

A All carriers must sign our contract. We pay 28 days from receipt of your required paperwork.

Q Do you offer quick pay?

A Yes. We offer a 3 day quick pay option for a nominal fee.

Q What is your required paperwork?

A A signed Bill of Lading by consignee, a copy of our rate confirmation, and an invoice.

Q What else do I need to be able to haul for Whitewood?

A A signed, unaltered Whitewood Contract Carrier Agreement, a copy of your operating authority, carrier profile, W-9, and an insurance certificate with minimum coverages of $1,000,000 general/auto liability and $100,000 cargo.

Q Are you a bonded operation?

A Yes. Our bond is held at First Interstate Bank in Billings, Montana.

Q Can I fax over my invoices?

A Yes, but we still need the original, signed Bill of Lading. Document imaged copies are acceptable if stamped as such by the document imaging company.

Q Can I obtain payment references?

A Whitewood is listed with First Advantage (Compunet) and Dunn & Bradstreet.

Q When is your next check run?

A We cut checks every business day of the week.