Owner Operator Larry Spiekermeier of Whitewood Transport, Named Motor Carriers of Montana 2009 Driver of the Year

Hauling specialized equipment with a payload of 100,000 to 130,000 pounds is second nature for Whitewood Owner Operator Larry Spiekermeier. Larry leased to Whitewood in June, 1999. Larry’s career in trucking began in his early twenties. In the early years of his career he hauled cement, produce, hot oil and logs. In the 1970’s, Larry placed 6th in the National Truck Driving Championship. He started trucking to pay for college, however, as he recalls, “I realized I could not make that kind of money in college so I quit.” Larry is most commonly known as “Sneaky” and also “Grandma.” The origin of “Sneaky” is mysterious, but the latter was given by dispatcher Ray Arlint and a few Owner Operators because of his tendency to drive slowly. Ray also stated, “He is easy to get along with and he deals with problems professionally.” Professional, courteous and safe are a few of the descriptive adjectives that one would use to describe Larry. Larry is a valuable member of the Whitewood team of Owner Operators. He has traveled over one million accident-free miles with Whitewood Transport. We look forward to a million more.