The Chase Hawks Memorial Association (CHMA)

The Chase Hawks Memorial Association (CHMA) is a Montana non-profit corporation raising money in Montana, Wyoming and the Dakotas to disburse to families in crisis.

In September of 1994, a six-year-old Montana cowboy named Chase Hawks was killed in a tragic accident. Family and friends gathered to form the Chase Hawks Memorial Association (CHMA) with the goal of finding hope for others facing crisis and possibly easing some of their own heartbreak. CHMA is simply neighbors helping neighbors in the cowboy tradition of community spirit.

The Association’s efforts are anchored by the Annual Rough Stock Rodeo and the Cowboy Gatherin’ Dinner and Dance.The willingness of world-class rodeo personnel to offer their time, as well as the fact that the event draws the best cowboys in the world have established this event as a regional highlight.

The Association awards grants, organizes volunteer efforts and labor, and co-sponsors fund-raising benefits for families facing crisis situations that fall outside traditional sources of aid. Funds are distributed on a non-discrimination basis.

Whitewood has become affiliated with Chase Hawks through Mike Wilson serving on their Board of Directors and is a sponsor of the Annual Rough Stock Rodeo. For more information visit www.chasehawks.com.